What is WebAssembly (wasm) ?

TensorFlow WASM backend Performance data
TensorFlow WASM backend Performance data

In our example using WebAssembly NES emulator and run Super Mario Brothers and Tetris game in our web browser.

TL;DR Use docker image

$ docker pull bhargavshah86/rust-wasm-demo:1.0.0
$ docker run --name rust-wasm-demo -d -p 8080:80 bhargavshah86/rust-wasm-demo:1.0.0
$ # http://localhost:8080/wasm_rust_demo.html

Manual steps:

  1. Download WebAssembly NES emulator (nes_rust_wasm.js and nes_rust_wasm_bg.wasm)
  2. Download ROM files,
  • Super_mario_brothers.nes
  • Tetris.nes
Press “Space” to Start, Press “R” to Reset


WebAssembly brings the performance of native applications to the web in a way that’s completely secure, yet enabling a full functionality expected from games, major applications and the entire spectrum of software you can run on a computer. WebAssembly is just built as a binary format and very compact to download, and also very efficient to compile and execute. There’s a whole bunch of optimizations coming that will drive that even further, allowing huge applications to load up quickly, even on mobile devices.

Thank you for reading 😃



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