What is Micro-Frontends(MFEs)?

What is Micro Frontends?

“An architectural style where independently deliverable frontend applications are composed into a greater whole”

In ThoughtsWorks — Technology Radar May 2020 Techniques, MFEs are in “Adopt” stage.



  • Incremental upgrades
  • Multiple teams contribute to the frontend
  • Simple & Decoupled codebases
  • Development speed should be a constant despite a growing application
  • External developers should be able to extend the UI
  • Different teams should be able to use their own tooling (Technology Agnostic)


  • Increased Payload size
  • Environment differences
  • Operational and governance complexity
  • Works best for big teams (hundreds of developer)
  • No global standards of development

Implementation example 1:


Implementation example 2:


A JavaScript framework for front-end microservices:

  • Use multiple frameworks on the same page without refreshing the page (React, AngularJS, Angular, Ember, or whatever you’re using)
  • Write new code, possibly with a new framework, without rewriting your existing app
  • Lazy load code for improved initial load time.


We see it as a proven approach that we should be using when it makes sense to do so.




Cloud Solution Architect at Walmart Japan

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Bhargav Shah

Bhargav Shah

Cloud Solution Architect at Walmart Japan

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